I am the Rain

by stealing sheep

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Ben Walker I bought Stealing Sheep's new album (released on Heavenly Records) on vinyl from my local record shop the other day and Matt (who works there) was all like "yeah it's cool they did an in-store here too but i prefer the old EP". I tweeted "I wish @stealingsheep were on @bandcamp." And they tweeted back "We are." And it's true: all their old stuff is here. Favorite track: Noah's Days.
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    16 . 05 . 11

    A joint release from London's new indie label Idle Fret and Manchester's own Red Deer Club, comes Stealing Sheep's second 7" single to hit the shops this year. Recorded in various studios including Abbey Road, Liverpool's Mello Mello cafe and the girls' own apartment, the record is an eclectic mix of atmospheres and production styles. It's titled I AM THE RAIN and features a double A-side single that includes the title track, as well as NOAH'S DAYS, BATS and SECRETS. Coaxed in with a Velvet Underground, Beatles-esque psychedelia, I AM THE RAIN is flooded with tambourines and chanted vocal harmonies in a nostalgic reference to sixties drone pop, yet the Stealing Sheep girls resonate a somewhat cutting edge twist to this familiar sound.

    NOAH'S DAYS bellows a darkwave, Radiohead-meets-Bat For Lashes sound. It's in no way your conventional poptastic single but it's catchy, chanty choruses will bounce around in your head for days. A quick flip over to the B-side and you find yourself with BATS, a well-perfected, math-folk, doomy pop song soundtracking a Cowboys-and-Indians-style cartoon. It's pretty epic with a patchwork structure, rhythmic patterns and acapella vocal section - quite a journey into the Stealing Sheep girl's musical world - and it's delightfully followed by SECRETS, a glitchy pop remix of some demos originally made on cassette with producer Joe Wills. It dives in and out of Yann Tiersen-style piano on low-fi synths with Casio beats and broken trip-hop interruptions, resolving upon a swoony reprise of the title track. It's a great taster for their forthcoming album due out in the winter and holds its own wistful, musical experience. Enjoy!
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released May 16, 2011

Written & Performed by Stealing Sheep.
Released by idle Fret & Red Deer Club.



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Track Name: I am the Rain
Ooh La lou, La lou, La lou

There's wires round my heart
building static charges from the start
they work in very modern ways
They take you round the moon to play

Ooh La lou, La lou, La lou

I would've thought the cold would make it icy
the frost today be tough enough to bite me

Make it through the rain
I am the rain
If i dry will i be? What will i be?

Make it through the rain
I am the rain
If i dry will i be? What will i be?